Saturday, 4 October 2014

Light: Holding a Torch

This poem is the first of three poems I wrote on a theme of "Light".

For this one I thought I'd go the "double-meaning" route and go a bit "arty" with a more established poetical form. Not totally satisfactory from my point of view, as the rhymes, although there, don't stand out sufficiently. Still, it may appeal to someone.

Holding a Torch

  A glimmer, though I could be wrong, I guess;
My mind is playing tricks on me these days
You’ll never be revealed to me unless
I charge my batteries; but I confess
It may be far too late to change my ways.
The slightest shake might help me reappraise,
but surely not enough to bring success?
  And yet, my hope is kindled once again
as there, the smallest flaxen glow begins,
increasing, flickering; giving respite,
allowing shapes to gather form and then,
I find my bearings as the darkness thins
revealing the path; my heart is alight.