Sunday, 29 March 2015

No Longer a Lark

The theme for the March 29th open-mic night for the "Pub Poets" was Early Bird. I wasn't sure what to write for this theme, neither being an ornithologist nor suffering from worms(!)

Consequently, I had to think back. When was I an early bird?

Getting up early for work was always a needed rather than a wanted. The fact that my timetable is my own gave me the inspiration for the poem.

No Longer a Lark 
I’ve never been what one would call an early bird.
The attraction isn’t something that appeals.
I really have to query
why one gets up whilst still weary
when one thinks how warm and soft a duvet feels.

I under-stand if you’ve not got the option.
I’ve had my share of rising in the gloom.
Not the clock’s fault and you know it
but it’s tempting just to throw it
so it ends up at the far side of the room.

When using public transport you leave sooner.
with time to see the beauty of the dawn.
But I don’t know what the fuss is;
You don’t care when you’re on buses
‘cause the train you meant to catch has been withdrawn.

The jolly morning people try to tell you
how the clouds at dawn are beauti-fully lit
but they’re similar at sunset
if not better, knowing you’ll get
one or two hours long-er snuggled in your pit.

“But the air is fresher; there’s no roar of traffic!
The sense of sol-i-tude’s beyond compare!”
So the early birds will tell you
And you think that they’d do well to
breathe the nectar that the night-time has to share.

I’m an afternoon and eve’ning sort of person.
Let the birds enjoy their mornings full of song.
Those that think that I’ll U-turn’ll
waste their time – ‘cause I’m nocturnal
and to change my ways feels well and truly wrong.

They can stuff their anti-social breakfast meetings.
There are better things to do when you retire.
There’s no need to hurry when you
read the early-bird lunch menu,
It’s your schedule – plan your time as you desire.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

All Through The Night (A Parody)

The latest open mic meeting of the Pub Poets was on St David's Day. Accordingly, the theme chosen was "Wales Tales", or "Whale's Tails" for those of a more nautical nature.

I'd already written something of that ilk last June (or thereabouts) so I wanted something of a different nature. I still had not had any inspiration two days before the event. And then...

"I know. I'll write some different words to that lovely Welsh tune - All through the Night." So here we are.

All Through the Night (A Parody)
Last month I had trouble sleeping – All through the Night.
Smoke alarm had started beeping – All through the Night.
Had to get up, climb a ladder
Change the batt’ry, then I had a––
––nother break to void my bladder – All through the Night.

Did a spot of babysitting – All through the Night.
Wasn’t fun, don’t mind admitting – All through the Night.
Asked to do things, he’s declining,
Fussy eater when he’s dining
Woke me up with all his whining – All through the Night.

Used to work ungodly hours – All through the Night.
for a boss like Austin Powers – All through the Night.
Bloke thought he was oh-so-dashing,
Set the ladies’ teeth a-gnashing,
But then he was done for flashing – All through the Night.

Ev’ry weekend we go boozing – All through the Night.
Finding silly things amusing – All through the Night.
Once I had a dodgy curry;
Was so drunk I could not hurry.
How could there be so much slurry? – All through the Night.

Lately I’ve been sitting, writing – All through the Night.
Though my bed looks quite inviting – All through the Night.
Not just stories; you know when you
Get the in-spir-a-tion then you
Write a po-em for this venue – All through the Night.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Moghul Meeting

I've just been to the Moghul
and had Podina Lamb.
I have the same each time I go:
It's just the way I am.
I had it with the special rice,
Peshwari Naan to share
with chums with whom I used to work;
we thought we'd meet up there.

We didn't have a pudding,
(does anyone partake?)
because we all had starters
(don't want our belts to break).
We chatted from the poppadoms
until we got the bill
and even then we carried on;
surprised we're not there still.

Our lives have gone their diff'rent ways
but still there is that link.
Not regular, these curry meets;
that's not the point, I think.
We worked together many years,
and though that life has gone,
it's like we've never been apart.
That's why we curry on.