Thursday, 10 November 2016

Rather Not Be The One (song)

And now for something completely different. Words and music on YouTube!

I wrote the song Rather Not Be The One as part of a creative writing exercise: the task being to create a response the Clean Bandit song/video Rather Be. You may wonder why I subverted the original love song. Probably because in my twisted mind it sounded a bit like a stalker's tale. And anyway, why not?

This is the second version of this project. Without the course deadline, I made the song faster, in a lower key, with a little more attention to the timing of instruments, and re-recorded the vocals. The earlier version is still viewable if you really must compare them!

Technical Details:

Audio: First time trying out the Ignite music software on my laptop together with the associated M-Audio Keystation 49es.Draft version transferred to an H4N digital recorder and multi-tracked some vocals for importing back into Ignite. As mentioned, I subsequently transposed the instruments to a lower key and sped the project up from 140bpm to 170bpm. This meant re-recording the vocals but the original take needed improvement anyway.

Video: Windows Movie Maker,  source images saved from a Google search (with appropriate usage rights), further modified with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.