Saturday, 15 February 2014

The House of Purple Pro's

The theme for the poetry show to be broadcast on 15 February was "Purple Prose". 

Rather than reflect on flowery language I thought I'd approach it from a different angle. 

Enough said. 

The House of Purple Pro’s

  Violet was an innocent:
She didn’t know what people meant
When they discussed aspects of lust;
Misunderstood the cut and thrust.
  Amusing when she’d misconstrued
The items some consider rude – 
Thought Essen M, a German spy,
And Sixty-Nine a year gone by
  When Armstrong walked upon the moon –
So people thought her so jejune.
Then, wonderment hit these same folk
When she moved to the big bad Smoke.

  But that was then and this is now.
Soon she learned the “what” and “how”;
Became an expert when she chose
To join the House of Purple Pro’s.

  A hidden gem within the town
Set up by one Magenta Brown,
It caters for the upper set
Like high-ups in the London Met,
  Like barristers and some QCs
Bewigged and with a wish to please.
Executives from banks invest
And boxers are there with the rest.
  And politicians, left and right
Have sessions lasting through the night.
It doesn’t matter, big or small:
A civil service for them all.

  Before they leave they will have kissed
Pansy, Violet or Amethyst.
You’d be surprised to see who goes
Inside the House of Purple Pro’s.