Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Light: Candle Light

This poem is the second of the three poems that I wrote to the theme of "Light". 

I thought of a single flame, shivering arrythmically from an intermittent draught, and had the idea that, at a stretch, it could be compared to someone who was not very good at dancing. Having given the candle sentience, I wondered about the perceptions of that candle. How the shadows would follow this movement and how the object casting the shadow would always be obstructing the view of the flame.

Candle Light

I dance to silent music, irregular in beat.
Already set off-balance by the burning of my heart,
encouraged by the wafts of air who wish to play their part,
I feel the silent rhythm, irregular in beat.

I dodge to see the darkest places but they dart away,
to hide like they can read my mind and echo how I’ll move.
They treat me like an evil twin of whom they disapprove.
I long to see the darkest places but they dart away.

I hope to brighten up the world as far as I can reach.
Short-sighted as I am, I see how golden life can be.
Whilst not as clear a vision as that of an L.E.D.
it’s in my nature to bring warmth as far as I can reach.

I live to bring a sense of space to those who wish to see.
To take them from the blinding dark to share what I can give,
illuminating minds so that they find somewhere to live,
where they may find that sense of space; those ones who wish to see.

I only have the smallest time before my life expires 
but I’ll remain light-hearted and as bright as time permits.
Although the wax is waning I will never call it quits;
I’ll cherish my remaining time before my life expires.