Sunday, 19 October 2014

Light: When You Beam

This is the third in the trilogy of poems I wrote on the theme of "Light".

For this one, I had a go at a love poem. Again I went for double meanings and a degree of "artiness", but unlike the "Holding a Torch" poem, I decided on a simpler rhyme scheme - couplets. It works better for me. And yes, I know it's a bit soppy. Why not? I may be writing about something horrific next time. After all, Halloween is approaching - bra ha ha ha...

When You Beam

When you beam at me your smile illuminates my heart
so doubts that lurked in shadows there, they hurry to depart.
The swirling of uncertainties evaporates away;
No need to brood: the darkest mood refuses now to stay.
The worries scurry from the light, afraid to be exposed:
The option for them to return is well and truly closed.

When you smile at me the beam refracts, so sep’rate hues
affect me in so many ways: the goosebumps from the blues,
the secrets of the indigo, the passion of the red,
the violet bringing promises that will remain unsaid.
The yellow brings unbridled joy, and yet I feel serene:
the burnished warmth of orange and the calmness of the green.

When you beam at me I find that I reflect your smile.
The radiance* that envelops me, the way that you beguile, 
the way you brighten up my life: I feel that I could shine,
that nothing is impossible – should your heart feel like mine.
Despite all this, I have no proof confirming I am right,
for when you beam at me my eyes are blinded by delight.

* Read this word as two syllables.