Friday, 5 September 2014

One Day?

Sadly, "A Poetry Show" will no longer be broadcast by the internet radio station Fylde Coast Community Radio. 

The weekly themes were a good motivation to write, and the theme that would have applied for the next show was"Feminism". Not the easiest subject, but I had a go anyway. I'd already made a start on the poem when I heard the news about the show, so I completed the poem purely for this blog.

One Day?

Each morning when the breaking dawn
illuminates the eastern skies,
they raise their weary heads, forlorn
and greet the day with stoic eyes.
Whilst milked each day for all they’re worth,
not one will think to change her fate;
no thought “Had they been male at birth,
they’d play the field and procreate”.

But women aren’t the same as cows
although some may believe such bull;
It’s sad that history allows
such attitudes – nonsensical.
Oh why should culture for one sex
be diff’rent for their counterpart?
The reasons can’t be that complex;
A truth that we can take to heart.

We’re not the same, us girls and boys:
Genetics are a fact, and so
eliminate the petty noise;
give rhetoric the old heave-ho.
Without the trivialities
it should be easier to see
if there are inequalities
where women lose consistently.

It shouldn’t happen but it does;
our slowly moving attitudes –
they move along like tortoises
and in our shell-likes, naught intrudes.
At least it seems that way, but no:
We’ll get there, sometime, not sure when.
The times are changing, though it’s slow.
Then it won’t matter: women, men.