Friday, 14 March 2014


The Poetry Show on Fylde Coast Community Radio is having Sir John Betjeman as its featured poet this weekend. Hence the inspiration for my poem, below.

A point of interest: the show is starting to be uploaded to Soundcloud, which is a benefit for those unable to catch the live broadcast.


I’m thinking of having some landscaping done
As damage from ice and the frost has begun
To lift up the gravel – I have to assess:
Is Betjeman really the way to progress?

I’m thinking of watching the Cheltenham Cup;
To risk a few quid as the horses line up.
I have my suspicions – the final furlong:
I Betjeman oats – they won’t last very long.

I’m thinking of breeding my pedigree dog.
I’m checking the listings, the Kennel Club log,
But it’s not too easy – I have not yet found
The Betjeman tending to choose for my hound.

This thinking of driveways and wagers and hounds:
Unusual. Possibly this gives me grounds
To think it’s subliminal; books I have read:
It’s Betjeman’s name that I have in my head.