Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What Really Gets My Goat

It's time to have a good old rant. With that in mind, I must have a listen to Ian Hunter's "Rant" album. But I digress. Here's my latest poem.[26 Feb 2014]

What Really Gets My Goat

Politics eroding rights,
TV trying to be “real”,
Cyclists cycling through red lights,
Telesales that spoil your meal,

Smoke alarms that peep at night
To let you know their batts are dead,
Headlights that are far too bright
Just like a drill inside your head,

Morons who don’t seem to care
And drop their litter without thought,
Pavement parkers ev’rywhere,
TV schedules changed by sport,

Engines running in parked cars
That make your windows resonate,
Unknowns claiming to be stars
So conceited, think they’re great,

Inkjet cartridges whose cost
Exceeds the printer’s retail price,
All the music to be lost
As gramophones we sacrifice,

Parents who ignore their sprogs
No matter what they perpetrate,
People who allow their dogs
To drop their goods outside your gate,

Using “culture” as a means
To try and circumvent the law,
“Celeb” mags brainwashing teens –
It’s not cool to be mature,

Lots of things I’ve listed here,
But what really gets my goat:
A government at its nadir –
Why did so many waste their vote?