Friday, 7 February 2014


This week's Dead Good Poets theme is connections. I briefly considered something in relation to the excellent "Only Connect" TV programme, but the following seemed more natural, considering the way my mind works.

(Not a self portrait!)

I’m up. I’m down. I’m sad. I’m blue.
I’m cold. I’m hot. I am wet through.
I’m soaked. I’m drunk. I’m smashed. I’m broke.
In pieces. Pisces. Haddock. Smoke.
I puff. I wheeze. I flush the loo.
A chain reaction. Follow through.
See to the end. The credits roll.
The cast. The line I throw. I bowl.
The bat. The racquet. Noise I heard.
I saw. I cut. I slice the bird.
The Christmas turkey. Greece. The Greeks.
Olympus. Nevis. Mountain peaks.
The summit – hey, I’m up again!
That’s where I started, way back then,
Before my mind began to leap.
Connecting, as I drift to sleep.