Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Dixie Rixie

This character piece started out as a Saraband with a single verse but I expanded it for a Facebook poetry challenge. I hasten to mention it isn't based upon anyone I know...

Dixie Rixie

Dixie Rixie is a pixie
who’s a klepto and so tricksy.
You should see the things he nicks; he
sneaks inside and steals your undies
from the dresser late on Mondays,
steals from elves in the environs
whilst avoiding police sirens.

Dixie had a problem drinking –
not so much with muddled thinking –
inobtrusive? Not when stinking.
Escaping capture by a fluke,
he realised that trails of puke
don’t help the perfect getaway.
He gave up nettle wine that day.

Now Dixie’s sober you will find
he leaves no evidence behind,
this cheeky sneaky mastermind;
leaves no proof that he was there, his
alibi is with the fairies.
Truth is that one couldn’t pick a
slicker quicker knickers nicker.