Sunday, 29 March 2015

No Longer a Lark

The theme for the March 29th open-mic night for the "Pub Poets" was Early Bird. I wasn't sure what to write for this theme, neither being an ornithologist nor suffering from worms(!)

Consequently, I had to think back. When was I an early bird?

Getting up early for work was always a needed rather than a wanted. The fact that my timetable is my own gave me the inspiration for the poem.

No Longer a Lark 
I’ve never been what one would call an early bird.
The attraction isn’t something that appeals.
I really have to query
why one gets up whilst still weary
when one thinks how warm and soft a duvet feels.

I under-stand if you’ve not got the option.
I’ve had my share of rising in the gloom.
Not the clock’s fault and you know it
but it’s tempting just to throw it
so it ends up at the far side of the room.

When using public transport you leave sooner.
with time to see the beauty of the dawn.
But I don’t know what the fuss is;
You don’t care when you’re on buses
‘cause the train you meant to catch has been withdrawn.

The jolly morning people try to tell you
how the clouds at dawn are beauti-fully lit
but they’re similar at sunset
if not better, knowing you’ll get
one or two hours long-er snuggled in your pit.

“But the air is fresher; there’s no roar of traffic!
The sense of sol-i-tude’s beyond compare!”
So the early birds will tell you
And you think that they’d do well to
breathe the nectar that the night-time has to share.

I’m an afternoon and eve’ning sort of person.
Let the birds enjoy their mornings full of song.
Those that think that I’ll U-turn’ll
waste their time – ‘cause I’m nocturnal
and to change my ways feels well and truly wrong.

They can stuff their anti-social breakfast meetings.
There are better things to do when you retire.
There’s no need to hurry when you
read the early-bird lunch menu,
It’s your schedule – plan your time as you desire.