Sunday, 18 May 2014

Origami - All I Know

A theme of Origami, and written on 16 November 2013

Origami - All I Know

Some years ago on ITV
When TV channels numbered three
Robert Harbin had a show
An Origami “how to go.”

I only had a mild int’rest
But someone thought that they’d invest
Their money in his spin-off book.
They gave it me to have a look.

Finding Napkins just collapse
I cut some squares from paper scraps.
First I made a paper hat
It didn’t fit, so that was that.

Bigger sheets are best (I heard).
I’d try and make a flapping bird.
The national dailies! Just the thing –
But sadly most were too right wing.

Last, I learned, with much aplomb
How to make a water bomb
A paper cube to fill and throw.
Origami – all I know.