Sunday, 23 November 2014

Another Day, Another Year

Here is a canzonetta I began in a recent Creative Writing class. The image is something I quickly cobbled together in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

Another Day, Another Year

The rising sun, the light of dawn
illuminating wisps of vapour trails.
It wasn’t long since they were born,
now grown into misshapen veils.
They won’t last long, they soon will die
but months pass by and more appear:
new generations cross the sky.
Another day, another year.

The soil and pebbles of the earth
are thrust aside by little stems
with small green leaves, and then the birth
of compact buds like tiny gems.
At Nature’s whim their colours fade;
the plants they wither, disappear,
but more will follow, newly made.
Another day, another year.

Relentless, minutes hurry past,
Our mem’ries clinging on like burrs,
We try our best to make them last,
Our lives recording what occurs.
Some fall away and germinate,
Remain when we’re no longer here,
To influence and educate.
Another day, another year.